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Health and Care Experience Survey 2021 (Scot Only)

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The Scottish Health and Care Experience Survey is run every two years and asks people across Scotland about their experiences of:

  • accessing and using their GP Practice and local Out of Hours services;
  • experiences of care and support provided by local authorities and other organisations; and
  • caring responsibilities and related support.

It provides a national and local picture of the experiences of health and care services from the perspective of those using them.

The survey results inform health care services, including local GP practices, about people’s experiences, helping to highlight areas of best practice and areas for improvement.

A random sample of people from each GP practice in Scotland have been selected to complete the 2021 Health & Care Experience Survey and will be contacted in November 2021.

They will receive a letter that will tell them how to complete the survey and answer some FAQs.

If you have been sent an invitation to complete this survey please do so as it can help inform your local and national services.

We are keen to hear your experiences of your local health and care services.

The results for the 2021 Health & Care Experience Survey will be published in Spring 2022 and will be available at NHS Board, Health and Social Care Partnership and GP practice level.

Taking part in this survey is voluntary and all responses will be completely confidential.

Information on how data that is collected through the survey is used is provided in our Privacy Notice, which is available at

For more information go to or email [email protected]